Onward and upward for the Village of Woodbury

| 15 Oct 2020 | 01:07

    The Village of Woodbury is at a crossroads and requires leadership with vision and strength. Jaqueline Hernandez and Juana Leandry can provide the direction necessary to lead the Village of Woodbury into the future.

    We are living in unprecedented times and experiencing different challenges which need to be addressed by leadership with conviction, passion and a proven track record.

    Jacqueline Hernandez understands the struggles within our community, from excessive growth, the decline in natural resources and the overall safety of our residents. From inception, Jacqueline took action to meet the needs of her constituents. She met with residents, studied the needs of the community, gathered the facts and implemented change.

    One of Jackie’s greatest accomplishments was fostered within the police department. Jacqueline was integral in filling vacancies, implementing the SRO program, hosted self-defense workshops and focused on building bridges between our community and the Woodbury Police force.

    Jacqueline has worked side by side with me upon my joining the Town Board. The depth of knowledge and energy she brings to the table is awe-inspiring.

    Juana Leandry will be a breath of fresh air as Village of Woodbury Trustee. She is committed to improving Woodbury’s quality of life which depends on protecting our vital resources; our water and green space; while preserving the historic character of Woodbury. She will promote sustainable and responsible projects that promote economic growth.

    Juana will improve infrastructure projects and ensure the Village of Woodbury commits to smart community initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and gas emissions.

    As a fifty-plus year resident, Woodbury’s future is too important to me to not have theses women on the board. The vacancies on this year’s ballot provide us with a chance to move forward. These women will work together with the board devising strategy, communicating, planning and taking constituents on the journey; with transparency and communication while promoting there right to choose.

    I look forward to these women winning the role of Village Trustee and further representing this community, enhancing partnerships and creating greater possibilities within Woodbury.

    Please join me in voting for Jacqueline Hernandez and Juana Landry on Nov. 3.

    Thank you and good health,

    Thomas J. Burke

    Central Valley