On Houle’s run

Monroe /
| 20 Feb 2024 | 10:55

    I’m a registered Republican. I do not support Dorey Houle for NYS Senator. It’s interesting that Councilwoman Dorey Houle once again wants Senator Skoufis’ seat in Albany.

    They start off by saying that she came very close to getting his seat in the past election. She lost by over 1,200 votes. Yet they call Councilwoman Richardson winning by 300 in the town of Monroe a landslide against an incumbent Sal Scancarello.

    They point out that she had sat on the village of Monroe board as a trustee. This is true! However, she failed to even serve one full term. She quite before her first political seat even ended.

    They point out the she sits on the town of Monroe board as a councilwoman. This is true! They don’t tell you that she attempted to abandon her position only six months into her first term. This is the first of two attempts in less than four years. Keeping in mind that her term has not ended.

    Now she is attempting to jump ship before her only term in the town of Monroe comes to an end for the second time in less than four years.

    This makes it three times in less than four years she has attempted to abandon her responsibilities here in Monroe on both boards in favor of her political desires.

    Here are her true achievements: 1) $5.245m deficit in town of Monroe as of 2021; 2) $7m constitutional rights violation with potential punitive damages of $63m; 3) $19.5m settlement payment for Rye Hill; 4) she believes in overdevelopment to this day.

    She is clearly not committed to her community by serving her full term. She is clearly committed to only her own political ambitions! She is not committed to you the voter but to her own personal needs. She just jumps from position to position without even completing one term! Noncommittal Dorey!

    Tim Mitts