NY GOP: In Joe Biden’s America, ‘four more years’ sounds like a prison sentence

| 25 Apr 2023 | 07:11

    The New York State Republican Party issued the following statement following the announcement that President Joe Biden will seek reelection in 2024:

    It’s official – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running for reelection.

    They announced their campaign today in a video because they were too afraid of Joe Biden making a mistake in a live announcement – and this is supposed to be the leader of the free world?

    In his video, Joe Biden said he wants to “finish the job.”

    You know what that means:

    On the economy, that means more deficits and higher inflation.

    On the environment, that means forcing expensive electric vehicles on you and banning your gas stove.

    On education, it means more blank checks to failing schools and letting boys play in girls’ sports.

    In Joe Biden’s America, “four more years” sounds like a prison sentence.

    We can’t survive another term of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.