'No longer'

| 15 Nov 2017 | 03:31

    A great big thanks to all of the Town of Monroe residents. Your show of support for myself and my family is a wonderful boost of confidence to us.
    It has been a long road from being sworn in as councilman in January 2016 and now you, our residents, have overwhelmingly decided by also electing Mary Bingham and Ric Colon that a civil, professional and respectful Monroe Government is your choice.
    No longer will we be riddled with chaos at Town Board Meetings.
    No longer will there be five-six hour meetings.
    And no longer will we have to hear the disrespectful rhetoric as you have for too long.
    My gratitude toward your thank you's, acknowledgments, notes and shouts of appreciation will forever be why serving you will be a pleasure.
    Monroe's true character spoke this past week and we can finally be at peace with a Town Board who has the people's best interest at hand.
    Thank you all. We appreciate your kindness and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you on Jan. 2 when our new Town Board is sworn in.
    With kindness and thanks,
    Tony Cardone
    Town of Monroe