Myrna Kemnitz 'moved mountains' ... and a fallen tree

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:44

    Myrna Kemnitz is truly a “People’s Legislator.” Our story was a rainy stormy night when a neighbor called telling us that a tree had fallen on the electrical wires by our home of 43 years. We looked out the window and there it was … a tree had fallen across the road from our neighbor’s yard onto the electrical wires above.
    We immediately called O&R, stating the problem and location. Shortly thereafter O&R arrived working on taking down the tree trunk and branches from the wires. It was dark, windy and raining heavily. They worked quickly and went on their way. It was not until the following morning, that we noticed the tree and its debris were blocking the road. Upon calling O&R, we were told it was not their problem, but that of the Monroe Highway Department. So we called the Monroe Highway Department and were informed by them that it was not their problem, it was that of O&R.
    Then we called O&R back and again the buck was passed to the Monroe Highway Department. And this scenario continued to go back and forth for days until someone from the highway department came to look at the situation.
    We were then told that due to the fact that O&R cut the tree down, they were indeed responsible for removing it. Yet when we called O&R again, we were again told it was not their responsibility, even after sharing the information given us from the highway department’s determination.
    We then contacted the Monroe Town Board personnel who promised they would look into it. Days went by and nothing happened.
    In the meantime, we could not get a needed gas delivery with the road being blocked. Weeks went by and we discussed that something must be done and there had to be someone out there to help us. We told O&R, the Monroe Highway Department and the town board that if this could not be resolved quickly we would then contact our county legislator to see what she could do to rectify the problem.
    And she did.
    Following many calls to us and much research she took appropriate action.
    Myrna Kemnitz listened to our complaint, came by to see the problem first hand, took photos, assessed the situation and knew what to do. She personally went to O&R and spoke on our behalf.
    No one was listening to us, but someone listened to her.
    She moved mountains for us … actually a tree, and we were able to get our gas delivery through a cleared road.
    There are politicians and there are politicians; some of whom are pure rhetoric, there for the glory of title and then there those who truly care about helping their constituents such as Myrna Kemnitz who is recognized by peers as a productive, diligent, intelligent member of their community as well as ours using her wisdom to make ethical and moral decisions and act upon them.
    As a veteran himself, Larry urges all veterans to vote for Myrna. She is on the Statutory Committee of Human Services and oversees and supports all O.C. Office of Veterans’ Service budgets, O.C. Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery, transportation to VA hospitals and the delivery of staples food to their door to those who need it.
    Myrna lives by example, defending our Constitution and our rights through her own civic engagement and participation in our democracy.
    With all going on in our world, natural disasters, environmental issues, terrorism, veteran issues, health care issues, racial, religious and social prejudice it is nice to know that there is someone there who is willing to go out on a “limb” to help us make the world a better place in which to live by getting involved when needed.
    Please vote for someone who is truly an honest representative of the people: Myrna Kemnitz.
    Meryl and Larry Migdel