Make your voices heard

| 16 Oct 2023 | 12:17

    One of the greatest freedoms we as Americans have is the ability to have our voices heard when it comes to the political process. We are granted this freedom from the sacrifices others have made throughout our nation’s history. In a few short weeks, we have the opportunity to voice our opinion on what matters the most to us on the local level; what truly happens in our own backyard.

    We all call Woodbury, Central Valley, Highland Mills and parts of Harriman home. Our kids go to school here, our friends have small businesses that thrive on our support, the list goes on. While it is common to vote across party lines, it’s much more than just checking a box; you must gauge one’s overall citizen participation to the community at large.

    As a small business owner and long time resident, I will cast my vote for Teresa Luongo, Kate Luciani and Brandon Calore, for they exemplify true citizen participation in the community, and will no doubt make positive change that is very much needed in our community.

    Eric Luding