Lorraine Loening will bring 'the same level of knowledge and ferocity once she is governing that she does during public comment'

Monroe /
| 25 Sep 2019 | 11:31

    I am very happy that Lorraine Loening is running for Town Councilwoman in the Town of Monroe.

    As a frequent board watcher I can tell you that Lorraine has been going to these meetings and asking question for years - back in the day when there were only five or six people at the meetings, during the height of the crowds when the room was packed and she is still going now that the crowds have thinned.

    She has shown a passion for the town government that I have seen few demonstrate.

    Lorraine will not be a yes person for the supervisor, which will be welcome since, with few exceptions, resolutions have passed unanimously. I look forward to her bringing the same level of knowledge and ferocity once she is governing that she does during public comment.

    Lorraine will bring a critical eye toward the budget, which is sorely needed. Revenues have gone down since the ill-conceived Palm Tree vote and the board has cut things, like street lights, with little regard to the people who were most impacted by the streets going dark.

    The board has doled out patronage appointments to members of the majority's political party's committee.

    Just a reminder, that when the previous Supervisor did this, there was a justifiable outcry from the townspeople.

    Now, there are few people questioning this practice - Lorraine is one of them.

    Lastly, the current board has no representation from the Village of Monroe. I like that Lorraine, also a village resident, will be there making sure the Village and its residents' interests are not overlooked.

    I will be voting for Lorraine on Nov. 5. Please vote for both candidates on Row A.


    Michael Goldstein