Local officials to Gov. Hochul on proposed Affordable Housing Bill: ‘Let’s not give everyone another reason to leave’

| 16 Feb 2023 | 11:25

    Dear Governor Hochul:

    We, the Town of Monroe, Village of Monroe and Village of Harriman, are deeply concerned regarding the recently proposed Affordable Housing Bill.

    While we agree on the need for accessible, affordable housing in New York State, the recommended approach to resolving this issue suggests an unrealistic solution, places a tremendous burden on municipalities and threatens to forever change the landscape of our area and every other municipality in New York State.

    The ramifications of passing such a bill include, but are not limited to, the loss of our municipalities’ Home Rule and the impediment of our ongoing efforts for preservation of open space.

    Furthermore, this bill has no regard for the ability of municipalities such as the Village of Harriman and Village of Monroe to execute such measures because of development that has already reached near capacity.

    We know we are not alone in this opposition. Smart, sensible growth continues to be the goal for our municipalities. The implementation of this proposal will negatively affect our environment, natural resources and the overall quality of life that attracted countless individuals to our area to begin with. New Yorkers are fleeing this state in droves.

    Let’s not give everyone another reason to leave. We urge you to do what is right for every municipality in New York State-please reconsider this bill.


    Tony Cardone

    Monroe Town Supervisor

    Neil Dwyer

    Monroe Village Mayor

    Lou Medina

    Harriman Village Mayor