Ken English has righted many wrongs

| 18 Oct 2021 | 05:35

    From the first day Supervisor Ken English took office he has worked tirelessly navigating the many wrongs, neglected and ignored issues in the town of Tuxedo. He brought into office integrity, competency and accountability in dealing with the many issues that had laid dormant for years. Some of his accomplishments include addressing the clean up of the 10-year toxic dirt pile, at no cost to taxpayers. He has showed fiscal responsibility which includes town hall operating 5 days a week instead of four with Zero tax increase. He re-opened negotiations with the 30 year Tuxedo Farm Project in order to move it forward in a reasonable way. As a invested resident in Tuxedo another issue I would like to highlight is the critically needed connection of the Tuxedo Farm sewer system to the Hamlet and the East Village. We need Ken English’s intelligent, honest & thoughtful leadership so he can continue to address these issues as well as other issues facing the town. If people want the facts they should attend Town board meetings or go to the public records for accurate information. We need to re-elect Ken English for Supervisor.

    Irene Denaro

    Tuxedo Park