Juana Leandry: Woodbury deserves better

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:41

    I am Juana Leandry and I want to be your Trustee on the Woodbury Village Board.
    I want your vote because I have had enough of questionable and ineffective local government leaders who operate behind closed doors in secret. We cannot afford to continue playing these political games wherein our officials profess to be working for our best interests and fighting with every available remedy, and yet our collective taxes are still way too high, so many of our homes are plagued with nasty brown water, our carbon footprint is increasing, and we are facing new dangers that we never could have imagined.
    Just ask yourself, “Why are so many families in our Village now deciding to leave?”
    Surely, you have seen the numerous for sale signs that line our picturesque streets. People are leaving in droves! What is really going on?
    There is an urgent need to change business as usual. We cannot allow our representatives to lead with fear and keep us in ignorance, while they react to external threats by throwing our valuable tax dollars towards legal fees.
    We, the people of Woodbury, deserve and demand better! We must now take control over Woodbury's destiny by engaging in proactive, long-term planning to safeguard our precious community.
    I offer over 20 years of public service in working to expand access to health care, partnering with municipalities to ensure that all people are enumerated in the Census, increasing services for people with special needs, and building cross-industry partnerships to improve lives.
    As a proud alumnus of Leadership Orange and a member of the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, I am poised to bring new ideas and fresh approaches to the challenges facing our community.
    I believe in a Woodbury with an effective, transparent and inclusive government that is cautious about spending our tax dollars and utilizes creative solutions for tax relief.
    I believe that we can develop our community with cutting edge and innovate ideas that still respect and preserve its charm and uniqueness. We can establish Woodbury as a place where families want to stay and live, conduct businesses, enjoy recreational activities and invest in our town. Where hard working families and business owners are again drawn to the area because of our prime location, access to major transportation hubs, beautiful mountains, and opportunities for commerce.
    We can choose a new path and work together to balance taxed vs. non-taxable properties to ensure residents don't pay more than their fair share. Municipalities can work together to avoid duplication and unnecessary spending. We also can pursue regional partnerships that incorporate renewable energy sources to preserve the larger Mid Hudson Valley.
    As your Village Trustee, I will work my very hardest with the leadership of both the Village and Town to protect Woodbury and devise solutions to beat our challenges.
    Be the change you wish to see - vote Juana Leandry for a better Woodbury.
    Juana Leandry