James Freiband for Woodbury Village Trustee

| 29 Oct 2022 | 03:13

    Our current makeup of the village board is with people who have thought and acted the same way for essentially the last 10 years. Putting James Freiband into the position of Woodbury Village Trustee would help to begin to change all that. James is currently an executive for Planning Programming Budgeting Services Inc. in which he performs the duties of municipal planner. James has previously served on the then town planning board. He has also had professional experience in planning and engineering when he worked for West Point. He has well developed leadership skills during his 20 plus years as a naval officer. From the time I have known James, he has displayed the vigor, veracity, and physicality in performing all tasks put in front of him. So if you want to see a change in performance within our local village officials; if you want to know where our tax money should be prioritized to; if you want to start seeing a governing body plan ahead; then join me in voting for James Freiband on Row A and all the way to the right on your ballot for the position of Woodbury Village Trustee.

    Amidee Haviland

    Central Valley