James Freiband announces his candidacy for Village of Woodbury mayor

| 20 Sep 2019 | 01:25

    My name is James Freiband. I am the endorsed Democratic candidate for Mayor of the Village of Woodbury. Before I ask for your vote, you should know about me and what electing me will mean to you.

    After serving in Viet Nam, I retired from the Navy and my wife and I came to this incredible community almost 50 years ago to start our family and grow roots. I want to pay it forward for you and future families seeking the same.

    I’ve seen many changes over those years, including the formation of the Village of Woodbury 13 years ago. When my grown children come back to visit, they ask "what’s happening to Woodbury?"

    I know we can do better. A change is needed on the Village Board. We need someone with knowledge of the long history of Woodbury to lead us into the future.

    By profession, I am a municipal and transportation planner, with degrees in urban planning and engineering. I know firsthand what it takes to negotiate energy contracts; do budgeting and capital investment programming; and work in harmony with the town and neighboring governments.

    I served for several years on the Woodbury Planning Board overseeing the initial construction of Woodbury Commons.

    My indepth understanding of zoning and master planning gives me the tools a mayor needs, and my commitment to planned growth and green space will be the number one goal of my administration. I want to ensure there is a desirable quality of life for families in Woodbury today and in the future.

    When you vote for James Freiband, you are voting for open government. I respect the knowledge of those who have spent their lives living in and serving Woodbury, I want to hear from them.

    When I am elected nayor, residents will always have the opportunity to meet with me. I will return calls. I will have regular office hours Monday through Friday.

    The village of Woodbury will be open full time and be available to you.

    I will support our fine police department and recognize the dedication and expertise of the two fire companies.

    I will work with the Town Board for a better Woodbury.

    Taxpayers deserve to have input on capital projects of magnitude: In 2017, I led a successful referendum petition and stopped a $9 million proposal for a new municipal building that was being promoted by my opponent because there had been no public vote.

    I plan to hold bi-weekly work sessions open to the public and ensure residents have the opportunity to hear the process and express their knowledge and view before the Board votes.

    Government is intended to work for you, not for itself. I do not believe in the current board’s effort to force eminent domain on homeowners for unstated and imaginary purposes. The incumbent Village council is adept at budget tricks and we need a line in the sand that prevents any attempt to bypass voter approvals.

    We need a Village board where all its members work to protect vital resources including green space, water, zoning and keeping taxes within reason. The business of the village should be “whats good for residents,” not developers.

    On Nov. 5, allow me to provide this vision for Woodbury’s future. I ask for your vote: James M. Freiband, Line A on the ballot. Thank you.

    James Freiband

    Village of Woodbury