‘Is Woodbury working for you?’

| 23 Oct 2019 | 05:02

    Dear Woodbury neighbors:

    I have been meeting my fellow residents these past few months, hearing about their needs, and our needs as a community. There is a common thread of concerns currently uniting our community: unchecked water usage, a sewage system that is overcapacity, overbuilding, and our neighbors stripping away the very essence of beauty and natural resources from our community.

    All this, resides in one sole governing body: The Village of Woodbury Trustees, the Mayor, and their zoning/planning boards. Have you asked yourselves who composes that body? Is it reflective of our Village?

    The Village board has been consistently controlled by the Republican Party for the past 12 years. During that time, we've seen no resolution to the end of a our water crisis, no protection of our trees and natural resources, disregard for the Village-Town comprehensive plan, uncontrolled building, and our taxes more than doubling.

    I'm tired of it all! I want a Woodbury Village that works for my community. That is why I've decided the only way to be a true agent of change is to run for office.

    I want to address real issues that effect the Village of Woodbury. Pools are nice. But when we've run out of water, no pool is going to save us.

    As your Village Trustee, I commit to:

    Save money through sensible solutions - seeking grants, develop renewable energy resources, and not expand village hall.

    Open government that works for you - establish work sessions, synchronize the Town and Village budgets for transparency.

    A Woodbury that works for you - Protect open space and water resources, improve transportation, implement green energy programs, assist local businesses, make Woodbury pedestrian friendly.

    Vote for a real change to the Village Board. Those that are there now, and those they support, are the people who brought you to this place, and will take you further down that path.


    Sara Sethna

    Central Valley