‘God Bless them all’

| 15 Nov 2020 | 01:30

Each year, Americans come together on November 11 to honor our military veterans, the men and women who served our nation with distinction and honor, all dedicated to the purpose of our nation’s call.

As we acknowledge them, we honor their service and their allegiance to the flag. We do so with heartfelt thanks for them all.

I gratefully take the day each year to join their ranks, to shake their hands, to look them in the eye and to thank them for their service. It’s a humbling experience to be among them and I am so thankful as one of millions who get to chat, share a meal and salute these veterans who served our nation so that I and all Americans get to live the lives we do.

The Village of Monroe began a program two years ago, offering families an opportunity to honor an active duty and/or veteran with a banner posted to our light posts with their picture in uniform, their branch of service and attention to rank, time of service, and where they served.

Please take an opportunity to visit these veterans along what we call “Our Canyon of Heroes.”

It has been such a success and as we enter into our third year, we encourage anyone that wants to honor a loved one who served to contact Trustee.Alley@villageofmonroe.org for details.

Remember, when you see an active soldier, thank him or her, when you meet a veteran, thank them for their service.

God Bless them all.

Neil Dwyer

Mayor, Village of Monroe