‘Fiscal responsibility, accountability and best practices for the benefit of the taxpayer is THE priority’

| 25 Oct 2021 | 02:07

    Dear Town of Monroe community,

    Thank you all for the support and respect shown in the past few months in helping to re-elect me to the position of Town Supervisor.

    Since taking office in January 2018, our town has faced obstacles we never imagined could arise, along with challenges we were determined to overcome and successfully have. Our town is financially stable and has been under the tax cap for three consecutive years. We are well positioned to remain under the tax cap once again this year.

    Over the past four years, we have renovated Town Hall, upgraded our water districts and town parks, obtained more than $2.3 million in grant funding and secured new equipment to improve roadways and service to our residents, all while strengthening working relationships at the Village, Town and County level to benefit the taxpayers.

    In addition, a greater sense of community has been fostered through the creation of the Town of Monroe Food Truck Festival as well as other events including the recent Trunk-or-Treat event hosted in conjunction with the Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce.

    Going forward, we are committed to continued improvements in all aspects of our community. Fiscal responsibility, accountability and best practices for the benefit of the taxpayer is THE priority.

    This election day I ask that you join me in supporting our Town Clerk Valerie Bitzer and Dorey Houle for Town Council. Valerie and Dorey are hard-working, experienced women with character, commitment, loyalty, enthusiasm and a genuine love for Monroe. They have proven their worth to our town through their dedication and successes in recent years.

    Every vote counts on Election Day. Please get out and vote on November 2.

    God bless.

    Tony Cardone