Exploring origins of trouble

| 31 May 2022 | 04:23

    Remember playing in the street with your friends until the street lights came on? Remember graduation with the same kids you went to kindergarten with, just like your father did when he was a kid. And on the same street? And every neighbor watched out for every neighbor so you knew what shenanigans you would not get away with.

    The violence in our schools goes beyond gun control. It’s a symptom of a breakdown of our society. Neighborhoods aren’t just buildings . They are that intangible thread that holds everything together. Like the workings in a clock, one piece needs the support of the others to function.

    One teenager did the unthinkable, something far and beyond the worst nightmare you couldn’t write in the scariest horror novel. First response is not about the gun alone. It’s going back to what set the wheels in motion to put that weapon in his hand. It takes a neighborhood to raise a child holds true even more today than ever. In a plane crash you examine every aspect of what caused the crash.We are all the mechanics of our fate. Let’s gut check and figure out together what’s broken.

    Bob McCue

    Central Valley, NY