Every vote counts

| 12 Oct 2021 | 11:30

    We as Americans have the privilege to choose our representatives, and I implore you to use your voice to help our community thrive once again.

    I have lived and raised my own family in this community and have seen what great things can be accomplished when the right individuals are elected into office.

    One does not necessarily need to vote along party lines when electing the best team to move our community into the future which is why I am choosing to vote for a group of Republican candidates in the upcoming town of Woodbury elections. Anthony Spagna, Kathryn Luciani and Timothy Finnegan have all gone above and beyond in service to Woodbury and will serve the town honorably and with integrity.

    Anthony Spagna, a retired NYPD police officer, is an active member of the Woodbury Fire Department, member of the Knights of Columbus, and tirelessly works on several committees at St. Patrick’s Church in Highland Mills. As a family man who is dedicated to our community, I believe he would be honest and work tirelessly to restore transparency to our local democratic system.

    Kathryn Luciani, the Village of Woodbury Dire department recruiter, has been a leader in community service in our town. As president of the community group We Are Woodbury, Kathryn has been an integral part of activities to improve the community and foster an inclusive environment such as cleanup days, a tree lighting ceremony and a senior tea party. Being a mother to five wonderful children, I know she would treat all with dignity and respect.

    Timothy Finnegan, an Army veteran, is a local business owner, member of the Woodbury Fire Department and vice president of the American Legion Post 488. As a man who was born and raised in this area, Timothy is invested in the betterment of our community and I believe he would collaborate with the village board and other groups to make this town the best it can be for all residents.

    Remember to vote Row B for the right team at the right time.

    Elan Luding

    Highland Mills