‘Erasers are on pencils for a reason’

Monroe /
| 10 Nov 2021 | 01:46

    Over the past few months, construction of dwellings has continued on Nininger Road. It has compelled me to comment on this construction. The situation is beyond concerning.

    The huge development is an ugly example of environmental destruction. To discerning eyes there seems to be no green areas preserved, extensive land destruction, loads of steps and many dangerous corners. The fact that to my knowledge they have not secured a water source nor a link to our sewer system which I believe is at almost 90 percent capacity.

    In addition, it is troubling that such intensive housing is being constructed and there seems to be no county or town comprehensive plan for managing the huge influx of population.

    This construction is a strictly urban project in a rural to suburban area. It pays no mind to neighbors, existing towns and the residents of these new apartments.

    When will some leaders emerge to challenge this ridiculous situation? It is a demonstration of poor governance across the board.

    In addition, this entire situation wreaks of poor governmental officials. Allowing a private entity to negotiate a knee jerk reaction to a perceived threat is beyond troubling. Local and County officials neglected and relegated the negotiations by a private entity (Monroe United) to quench a public thirst and panic. Outsourcing governmental responsibilities to private entities is dangerous and ill thought. From Black Water contractors in Iraq to local ineptness the results are the same. Environmental destruction, over burdened arteries and infrastructure, abuse of neighboring communities and unplanned abuse of resources.

    It is never too late for competent leaders to intervene before a huge burden to the entire Orange County community is allowed to fruition. The Great Wall of Nininger Road serves as a monument to abuse, stupidity, political ineptness, corruption of community values and basic arrogance. Erasers are on pencils for a reason. This can be stopped ... but there must be leadership which reflects the public will.

    Stephen Zecher