Doubt about Freedom to Vote Act

| 24 Jan 2022 | 05:26

    It is to my surprise that a previous letter is calling for the Republicans to support the “Freedom to Vote Act” and the John Lewis Voting rights advancement. In the last election, due to the pandemic, Democrats, with support from Dr. Fauci, insisted that voting should be permitted by ballots, any ballots without excuse. The result was that we have a president as we have.

    Just a few years ago Democratic leader Chuck Schumer was vehemently opposed to abolishing the filibuster, so was then Senator Joe Biden, even saying that if that happens we would be a “banana republic.” Look how fast they changed their minds, unbelievable.

    Usually when you run for re-election you run on accomplishments, but sorry, the Democrats have none. High inflation, open borders, energy, Afghanistan withdrawal/surrender, foreign policy, high crime etc. They have to come up with a different solution, which is “Voting Rights.” Those voting rights in the “red states” are much better and more free than the voting rights in the states of Delaware and New York. It is much easier to vote in Georgia but much harder to cheat and this is what Democrats don’t like.

    So they have to come up with changing and abolishing the filibuster, so far unsuccessful, due to two Democratic senators.

    John Ihnachak

    Warwick NY.