Debbie Sommerlad Behringer seeks re-election to Monroe Village Board

| 03 Mar 2020 | 11:22

    My name is Debbie Sommerlad Behringer and I am seeking re-election for a second term to the Village of Monroe Board of Trustees.

    I have been a Reading Specialist in the Pine Bush School District for 13 years after receiving my Masters Degree in Literacy from Long Island University.

    Growing up in Monroe gave me many fond memories which is why my husband, John, and I are so proud to raise our four children here.

    The sense of community in the village is second to none and I would be proud to serve the residents of our Village for another term.

    I am a founding member of United Monroe and have decided to run for another term as Village Trustee to continue the progress and good work that our board has been working toward.

    My first term with the Village began in 2016 and since that time our accomplishments have included:

    ● Annexed property to maintain green space in the Village.

    ● Passed the Peddling and Soliciting law that requires peddlers and solicitors to be permitted by the Village to solicit residents at their homes.

    ● Added School zone speed limit restrictions with flashing safety lights to ensure safety of our children.

    ● Introduced Property Maintenance Law.

    ● Coordinated with Village and Town residents to create a Downtown Revitalization Committee.

    ● Revised local law to prevent transient housing.

    ● Introduced Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Law to maintain the character of village by capping the square footage of a home based on property size.

    ● Adopted two consecutive fiscally responsible budgets that fell at or below the NYS tax cap.

    The Board of Trustees of the Village of Monroe has worked very hard to ensure the success of the place we call home. As members of this team, Irene Conklin and I have been very proud of this Board’s efforts and are motivated to keep the momentum going.

    Together, we share a common vision for the future of the Village, which includes:

    ● Fiscal Responsibility.

    ● Four-year plan to clean water chestnuts out of the reservoir.

    ● Finalize and implement Property Maintenance Law.

    ● Adopt plan to fund the Transmission Line repair at little cost to residents.

    ● Continue the momentum of Downtown Revitalization to ensure the success of the Village of Monroe Business District.

    As an educator, activist and a concerned Village resident, I have the necessary skills and qualities to continue to make a positive impact in the Village of Monroe. I look forward to the opportunity to listen, work hard and serve the great citizens of our wonderful community.

    Join Irene Conklin and me, Debbie Sommerlad Behringer, as we continue to move the Village of Monroe in the direction of prosperity by voting Row Con on Wednesday, March 18, at Village Hall.

    Debbie Sommerlad Behringer