David Sutz 'is a man with integrity'

| 12 Oct 2017 | 05:42

    David Sutz is a man with integrity and is a leader who allows the experts to do their jobs.
    He has never taken credit or been a braggart about his achievements with his quiet leadership.
    He gives credit and praise to his employees who do the work on our behalf.
    Everything gets done and benefits the town and its residents.
    Some of the things I’ve seen him accomplish:
    Watching your town taxes go down year after year. That is amazing.
    Your police department rebuilt to fulfill the needs of the town, keeping you safe.
    Successfully teamed up with the Village to stop the Cornwall wells being used.
    Reenergized our Reservoir/Park with new and creative play areas: horseshoes, Kan-Jam, bean toss and a putting green coming.
    New community building at Reservoir is now out to bid.
    Plus much, much more.
    Remember all of this was done while lowering taxes at the same time.
    I am casting my vote for David Sutz, Robert Hunter and Sandy Capriglione on November 7th.
    Julie Dictter
    Central Valley