County Executive to KJ leadership: 'Peace is a two-way street'

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:37

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Gedalye Szegedin.
    I grew up in Monroe. I graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School. I know the issues and have been unafraid to challenge Kiryas Joel when they are wrong. My independence disturbs Mr. Szegedin. However, that independence is why the Democratic Mayor of Monroe, Jim Purcell, has endorsed me. It is also why United Monroe’s Town Supervisor candidate Tony Cardone has endorsed me.
    Kiryas Joel says they want peace: Then why are they still suing to try to force Camp LaGuardia to be used for housing? Why did they threaten to challenge the Town of Goshen for its Legoland approvals? Why did they sue the City of Middletown and Orange County to try to get more water from the County for their Village?
    The bottom line is this: Kiryas Joel got all the Reform Party signatures that my opponent needed to get on the ballot. They did that to send me a message. They are unhappy because I have not been their puppet. If they want peace, then stop trying to sue the County, drain County water resources, and play politics.
    My message to the KJ leadership is simple: Live your life, be part of the Orange County community or don’t be, it’s your choice. However, peace is a two-way street. Please don’t pretend you want peace when you use your lawyers/political muscle to continue to sue and try to intimidate people. Those days have to be over. I hope they are.
    Steven M. Neuhaus
    County Executive
    Orange County