Colin Schmitt has my vote!

| 18 Oct 2022 | 06:30

    Just the other week, the federal government flew secret migrant flights into Orange County airport with no communication to local government or law enforcement. Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is the one questioning these flights, why are they coming to Orange County, why is no one notified, why are they sitting on the tarmac until it is dark outside, our community deserves answers. The cartels are watching this unfold and as they see the lack of communication and confusion in our country it is easier for them to sneak across human trafficking and fentantyl poising. Less eyes on vulnerable and scared children, confusion and secrecy in the dead of night are signs of weakness that the human traffickers and cartels prey on. Pat Ryan is in favor of secrecy, one of the first actions Pat Ryan took as Ulster County executive was to cease communication with the federal government on immigration. I am voting for Colin Schmitt because he supports securing the border by fully funding border enforcement through advanced technologies, infrastructure and advanced technology to prevent the trafficking and drug smuggling by cartels. Secret flights are landing in our county and we are asking questions as to why all the secrecy, don’t we want to ensure that everyone involved is safe? Furthermore, Colin Schmitt is endorsed by over 15 police organizations. Schmitt has the track record in the Assembly of voting to fund the police and he sponsored legislation to repeal the disastrous no bail law. Schmitt recognizes that safety is a concern for the community.

    Karyn Gorman