Change for New York

| 29 Oct 2022 | 02:33

    I have always been a proud New Yorker, while my pride for my state hasn’t faltered, my concern where we may be in four years has. The policies that are being pushed are a true concern. Starting with bail reform, taxes, mandated vaccinations, and the sustainability of retiring in New York. Albany and Washington DC have one party Democrat majority control with no checks and balances. Inflation was not taken seriously, and now in turn there is no relief in sight. It is time for a change. I’m looking for candidates that have the drive to get families back on track and for mindful leaders that know every action in Washington, DC, and Albany has a reaction back in the Hudson Valley. That is why I am voting for Lee Zeldin for NYS Governor, Colin Schmitt for US House of Representatives – 18th Congressional District, Dorey Houle – NYS Senate 42nd District, & Kathryn Luciani - NYS Assembly 99th District. Elections aren’t about your chosen party, it’s about values.

    Patty Clarino

    New Windsor