'A place better than Cheers'

| 26 Jan 2018 | 10:43

    Another Monroe institution has passed: Birchwood Caterers at the Monroe Country Club has completed a 24-year run (1994-2018) of five star service and they will be greatly missed.
    A great big thank you to Tom and Sherry Jones and their entire restaurant staff over the years.
    We had the best food imaginable in a place that was better than Cheers. Everybody knew your name and everyone cared for everyone else. We had more fun than should be allowed.
    You ran an establishment that was second to none and gave so many young people a start by training them and giving them a chance.
    You served the community and cared for the veterans.
    You really did it right. Your hard work and dedication to making the restaurant the best it could be was phenomenal.
    Thank you for a great run. It will never be forgotten.
    With great appreciation,
    Sandy and Ed Leonard and all your loyal customers