Your captions

| 20 Jun 2012 | 01:43

A few weeks back, we asked readers to write a caption to accompany this photograph by Robert G. Breese. We received more than a dozen. Thank you.

Enjoy the efforts of your friends and neighbors.

And stay cool. “Are you my mother?”

(from the favorite children’s book)

CB “So this is what you call ‘a bird’s eye view.’”

John Karl “Here’s looking at you, cow.”

Beth Profiro “How now brown cow.”

Jesse Tennant “Bird-watching always tires me out.”

Kyle Hutchinson “You rest, Elsie. I’ll keep an eye out for Bruno the Bull!”

Robert Demetry The cow is saying: “Well hello there! Are you comfortable?”

Denise from Mom’s Homestyle Deli, Warwick

It looks like the cow is saying: “Ugh, Really Out of all the places to take a rest, you land on my nose?”

Carly Kosen “Little birdie on my nose, tell me how the story goes.”

Barbara Schaldonat “If I try to stick my tongue in my nostril, you’ll go from a starling to a snotling.”

Hedy Albert “How long do you plan on staying there?”

Gloria Oehme “If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, imagine what a bird on the nose is worth.”

Linda McGuire “Every time I try to talk to you it just goes in one ear and out the utter.”

Neil Murphy