Woodbury Library holds summer reading finale

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    WOODBURY-Families of the Woodbury Public Library celebrated the end of the "New York is READ, White and Blue" summer reading program with a performance by well-known comic juggler Will Shaw at the Earl Reservoir on Monday, August 9. Reading Club Certificates were given out to participants, and prizes for the Middle School Excelsior Challenge Program were awarded. The Grand Prize, a $50 gift certificate to Woodbury Commons was awarded to the winner of a raffle, Cindy Hernandez. All participants who had accumulated at least 100 Challenge points over the summer were entered in the raffle. Adults and children alike were held spellbound by Will Shaw. Spinning tops, books, balls and torches flew through the air to the background of music and jokes, often relating to the Library and reading. Over 200 children participated in the Woodbury Public Library's summer reading program and attended a wide variety of programs for all ages.