Women's artisanal cooperative opens

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:15

Sugar Loaf — Sugar Loaf will open its doors to a creative cooperative for women artisans on Friday, April 1. Founder Rena Wilhelm, owner of The White Weathered Barn in Sugar Loaf’s Romer’s Alley, is collaborating with Dana Anders, a handmade greeting card artist, to provide a platform for women to display and sell their handicrafts. The cooperative has been named Bliss, a word that describes what many women are seeking but seldom find for their artistic expression. “Not all of these women have the freedom to give up their full time jobs in the work force or their role as full time mom to pursue their creative dreams,” Wilhelm said. Bliss not only provides the storefront, but the education in marketing, merchandising and social networking as well. Wilhelm also describes the cooperative not just as a buying and selling opportunity, but highlights the co-op’s true mission of providing a supportive network of women who are willing to help one another. “This doesn’t just apply to business,” Wilhelm said. “There are many women out there who need support in many facets of their life, whether it be family, marriage or personal wellness. There is nothing more powerful than a network of women willing to hold other women’s hands.” The cooperative members range in age from mid 20s to mid 70s. It is a chance for these generations to exchange their knowledge with one another. As the cooperative grows, Bliss will eventually host classes and workshops.