Warren Decker and John Kaste recognized for their ‘Pursuit Of Excellence'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:58

Central Valley - Monroe-Woodbury High School Principal David Bernsley has announced that “Pursuit of Excellence” awards have been presented to School Resource Officer Warren Decker and Assistant Principal John Kaste. Warren Decker Decker has been the school resource officer at Monroe-Woodbury High School since 2000; he has been a member of the Town of Woodbury Police Department for the past 23 years. According to Bernsley’s announcement: “As the district’s SRO, Officer Decker has thrived in his responsibility as a civil servant, collaborating between the school community and local law enforcement agencies. Throughout his years of service to the students, staff, parents, and community, he has helped create a safe and healthy environment for all. “By serving as a visible, active, and authoritative figure on campus, Officer Decker has professionally and thoughtfully resolved matters and issues with positive outcomes. He has served as a resource to students to enable them to interact with, and gain access to law enforcement in the school environment. His work as the DARE officer has informed and inspired many students, and he has always been available to assist and work with all constituents at a moment’s notice. “Officer Decker voluntarily acted as a responder at ground zero after the attacks on September 11, 2001, and heroically assisted in the rescue efforts. Additionally, he has served his own community for many years as a volunteer firefighter for the goodwill fire department in Montgomery, including service as chief. “Officer Decker begins his retirement having contributed to the health, safety, well-being, and education of countless students at Monroe-Woodbury High School, and it is an honor to present him with the “Pursuit of Excellence” for his outstanding efforts, dedication, and commitment.” John Kaste According to Bernsley announcement: “John Kaste is the epitome of what it means to be a consummate professional.He performs his duties with great diligence and consistently goes above and beyond, putting others ahead of himself, working hard to ensure the success of students and staff. “Mr. Kaste makes the effort to know the students and cares about them and their success. He always makes time for his colleagues if they have a problem or concern. Mr. Kaste shows his ‘Crusader Pride’ by wearing purple every Friday and encourages others to do the same, not to mention his tireless efforts in helping us ‘go green.’ “Mr. Kaste spent countless hours this past summer working with the District’s new student management system trying to ensure that students would have updated schedules for the first day of school. “Mr. Kaste is truly an asset to our school and exemplifies excellence in all that he does. It is indeed an honor to present the “Pursuit of Excellence to Mr. John Kaste.’