Tobey sponsors ‘World's Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club' program

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:43

    MONROE - Kenneth W. Tobey, DC of Tobey Chiropractic Wellness in Monroe is a sponsor of "The World's Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club," a program organized to help bring back the Gold to the United States. These great Olympic athletes depend a great deal upon chiropractic care, to prevent injuries and to reach a maximum level of performance. Tom Pappas a Decathlon Club member, who is the current 2003 World Decathlon Champion declares, "I am relying on chiropractic care to help me bring home the Gold medal from the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece." From May 3 through May 28, Tobey Chiropractic Wellness will be donating first day services (a value of up to $160) to new patients in exchange for a minimum $50 donation to the World's Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club. For existing patients who make a new appointment with one of TCW's licensed massage therapists during May, Tobey Chiropractic Wellness will donate $10 to the Club on your behalf. The World's Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club is a non-profit organization, charged with the goal of sweeping the Decathlon Gold, Silver and Bronze in the upcoming 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. Dr. Tobey said, "I believe that chiropractic care is very important in athletics, especially when it comes to the decathlon, and Tobey Chiropractic Wellness is excited to have the opportunity to give our time and talents to people in exchange for their donation that will bring the Olympic Decathlon Gold home to the United States." Decathletes are constantly stressing their bodies through training, from lifting and exploding the very dynamic movements, which involve great torque and stress on their musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is constantly being pulled to its limit and even out of alignment, and sometimes is not allowed to realign. Through a good balance of realignment and strengthening of the muscle structures, which support the skeletal systems, a balance is achieved that is very necessary in their every day training. "I had a chiropractor treat me three times a week back when I was training, and it made a tremendous difference in my ability to sustain a healthy body. My chiropractor believed in strengthening my weak areas, which allowed the realignments to hold and eventually not be a problem," said Coach Brian Schweyen, a World Class Decathlete. "The greatest athletes in the world know and understand the importance of chiropractic care, and in getting the proper training and care they need to excel to their fullest potential," said Dr. Tobey. To schedule an appointment with Tobey Chiropractic Wellness, call 782-5770.