The inside scoop on the Central Valley student bake-off

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:57

    CENTRAL VALLEY-By the report provided by the Central Valley Elementary PTA, this year's annual student bake-off was "lip-smacking good," thanks to the talented group of young student bakers. The panel of judges, who came out on a moment's notice, had the very difficult task of tasting and judging so many delicious creations. Parent volunteers also lent a hand.The winning bakers-to-be are: Second Grade Winners (Cookies): First Place: Isabel Arias - Kitty Cat Cookies Second Place: Jason Zambryzcki - Kiefles; and Cassidy Emmert - Hugs & Kisses Cookies Third Place: Kellie Greenough - Vanilla Sugar Cookies Third Grade Winners (Chocolates) First Place: Matthew Paul - Chocolate Truffles Second Place: Matthew Distadio - Fun Fudge; and Andrea Parness - Delicious Fudge Third Place: Mary Hood - Whipped Creme Sandwich Fourth Grade Winners (Breads/Muffins) First Place: Mariah Malone - Banana Bread Second Place: Jessica Fetherston - Cinnamon Crunch Muffins Third Place: Lilliana Kulak - Zucchini Bread Fifth Grade Winners (Cakes and Pies) First Place: Sabrina Yunque - Crocodile Fudge; Jeri Wong - Chocolate Dream Pie; and Harrison Turner - Apple Pie Surprise Second Place: Jessica Prendergast - Cheesecake; and Nicole Allesandrino - Apple Cranberry Cake Third Place: Thomas Criscione - Space Shuttle.