Offense rolls, defense stands as Crusaders storm past Middletown 38-0

| 05 Oct 2017 | 11:31

CENTRAL VALLEY — On a cool fall night in Central Valley the Crusaders took on the Middie Bears of Middletown.
The rare Thursday night contest brought out the best in the Crusaders as they rolled to a 38-0 victory in their most dominant performance of the season.
It began when quarterback Steven Campione scored from two-yards out with 2:28 left in the first quarter and when Mike Boyle hit the first of his five PATs .
With 8:23 left in the half Campione found John McCormick alone in the end zone for a 24 -yard touchdown reception.
Campione added another touchdown on a one-yard run with 4:28 left in the half and the Crusaders were up 21-0.
With just :31 left in the half Boyle hit a 32-yard field goal and Crusaders were up 24-0.
In the second half, Crusader running back Curtis Foster cut to his left, found a big hole and 59-yards later scored to put the Crusaders up 31-0. Foster had a career day with 12 carries for 111 yards.
Finally in the fourth quarter, Campione hit Foster for a 38-yard reception and the Crusaders sealed their victory.
But even with all the offensive fireworks in the game a lot of credit has to go to the defense.
As the Purple People Eaters shut out the Middletown offense, David Strauss, Jamal Aouad and James Tuohy all came up with key turnovers.
The defense posted its first shutout this year and so far are only allowing a little more than eight points a game against.
The special teams also were a major contributors, the punt return teams constant pressure on the kicker and one blocked punt kept the ball on the Middies side of the field all night long.
The victory brings their record to 4-1 and sets up the regular season game of the year when the Crusaders host the NFA Goldbacks at home on Friday night at 7.
- William Dimmit