Kennett gymnastics results

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    GOSHEN-An eight-year-old from Kennett Gymnastics in Goshen received the highest all around-score in a sectional competition held on May 14 on Long Island. Seventy-seven girls from 11 gyms competed in the Level 4 competition. The girls ranged in age from 6 to 12. The all-around scores were as follows: Krista Benson — 36.00 Alexa Berry — 37.50 Katriona Blezy — 36.25 Shaelyn Cavanaugh — 36.20 Novella Cooper — 36.15 Ashley Mazzei — 33.60 Heather Perry — 35.60 Torey Puff — 36.65 Nicole Schulz — 36.05 Individual place scores were not given at this meet. But Alexa Berry from Highland Mills did receive the highest all-around score, as well as the highest score on the bars, the third-highest on the floor exercise and fourth-highest on the balance beam. Katriona Blezy received the third-highest score on the vault. Torey Puff received the fourth-highest score on the floor exercise. Nicole Schulz received the third-highest score on the balance beam. This is the girls' first year competing. Their state competition on June 4 will also be held on Long Island.