Goshen awards

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    GOSHEN—The Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball teams, with the Girls Varsity Cheerleading Squad, ended their seasons with an awards banquet held March 16 at Goshen Intermediate School. Both basketball teams enjoyed successful seasons. The Varsity squad, under the direction of coach Joe Guarneiri, finished with a win-loss record of 9 11. The team stepped up their competition this year, playing many teams at the AA level. Unfortunately, the team misled qualifying for the playoffs by one game. The Gladiators maintained a high level of competitiveness in all games, a quality that has become a Goshen trademark. Supporters of this year's squad always got their money's worth, as the team could always be counted on to play with great effort and determination. The team bids farewell to seniors Juan Candelario, Vinnie Cavallaro, Matt Siracusa, Joe Pereira, Kyle Jung, and tri-captains Kieran Payne, Kevin Suehnholz, and Nick Turi. The returning juniors include Kamaal Mabry, J.D. Green, Chris Johnson, Frank Valerio, Danny McMahon, and Jerell Lucas. Senior Joe Pereira was honored as the recipient of the "6th Man Award." Nick Turi and J.D. Green both received the prestigious "Coaches Award," and Kyle Jung was named the teams "Most Valuable Player," as he averaged 12.5 points per game and 8 rebounds per game. The JV team, coached by Jim Steeves, finished with a record of 14 wins and 6 losses. They are an exciting and talented group of players that show great promise for the future. The team includes A.J. Zecchini, John Xanthis, Anthony Cestaro, Nick Skelly, Jerell Graver, John Melville, Huntley Thomas, Eddie Robinson, Jacob McNally, John Thomas, Donald Lappe, Chris Aglialoro, Patrick Robinson, and Willie Green. The cheerleading squad, directed by the recently married Judy Jonas, who now goes by the name of Judy Potter, showed great enthusiasm and dedication. They were led by seniors Stephanie McCarthy, Maggie Deegan, Briana Foley, Rachel Rohr, and Kelly (the flippy cheerleader) Philiba. Rounding out the squad were juniors Amy Edmonson, Elizabeth Kennedy, Amanda Roddey, and Emelia Sarantapoulas. The sophomores were Drew Brantley, Jennifer Ferrelli, Rebecca Paffenroth, Daniella Perruna, Jonelle Saunders, and Anastasia Stevens. The lone freshman on the squad was Cailin Brigman. The spirited atmosphere they helped generate at the games was greatly appreciated by players and fans alike.