Rock Sports Park wins national reclamation award

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:01

Chester — The Rock Sports Park in Chester has won the Outstanding Reclamation Award in the non-coal category by the National Association of State Land Reclamations. New York State’s reclamation agency nominated The Rock Sports Park for this award to demonstrate that mined land can be very successfully reclaimed. Park officials received the award during the National Association of State Land Reclamations’ recent annual conference in Carbondale, Ill. The Rock Sports Park is named after the stone into which it was chiseled. It was reclaimed from a mine that has long been an eyesore at this entryway to Chester, according to officials. The park is a year-round sports training park in Chester providing professional instruction in baseball, softball, football, and soccer and provides field and facility rentals to other turf sports to area residents and teams. The playing surface can be configured to accommodate four baseball and softball fields, a full regulation sized soccer and football field, as well as fields for lacrosse and any turf sport . Also based there is the Ledge, an outdoor fitness trail equipped with fitness equipment for players and spectators. The 15,000 square foot fieldhouse offers food service, indoor training, children’s sports parties, and more. Call 469-9507 or visit for more information.