Sheriff presents criminal justice scholarship to Elizabeth Kimber

Goshen. A SUNY honors student, pilot, and skydiver, Kimber will attend the New York State Department of Corrections Academy in Albany this year.

Goshen /
| 05 Feb 2020 | 05:16

Sheriff Carl DuBois and SUNY Orange Department Chair Dennis O'Loughlin presented Elizabeth Kimber with the New York State Sheriff's Institute's 2019 Criminal Justice Scholarship.

A SUNY honors student, Kimber will be attending the New York State Department of Corrections Academy in Albany this year. She is a licensed pilot and has been a skydiver for over 10 years with more than 700 jumps to her credit.

“It is my distinct honor to present this award to Elizabeth for her great accomplishment," DuBois said. "We wish her well and much success in her future endeavors.”

“The support is real!" Kimber said. "Thank you to the crew with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office so much for embracing hard work and ambition. The biggest shout out to Professor O’Loughlin with SUNY Orange. Real life experience as well as valuable, challenging education is what can be achieved at SUNY Orange and pursuing a Criminal Justice degree. So honored!”

The New York State Sheriffs’ Institute operates a scholarship program that provides one scholarship to each of New York State’s Community College’s Criminal Justice Programs. This program is designed to help attract the best and the brightest to the criminal justice vocation. For more information about the Sheriffs’ Institute Programs visit the website,, and select Scholarships.