Police escort Pine Bush cheerleaders to bus after apparent taunting incident at Tuesday's game

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:56

    CENTRAL VALLEY-Six additional town of Woodbury police officers were needed to control an unruly crowd after Tuesday night's boys' basketball game at Monroe-Woodbury High School. According to the police report, backup was called for at 8:08 p.m. The police typically has two officers stationed at the game at all home games. Some people who were at the game said tension grew after the Pine Bush cheerleaders performed a tumbling routine and then taunted the Crusaders cheerleaders and fans around halftime. Then, these same spectators said, the Pine Bush squad did the same routine with a few more tumbles jeers directed toward the home crowd late in the second half. Police ordered the visiting cheerleaders to board the bus at the two-minute mark of the game to avoid any problems. However, the bus could not be located and the group was moved to an isolated section of the gym until the vehicle arrived. On Saturday, Pine Bush had won the Section 9 cheerleading championship for large schools, which was held at Monroe-Woodbury facilities. "It was just a lot of screaming and yelling," said Town of Woodbury police Chief Robert J. Kwiatkowski. "There were no fights but it could have turned into something." The Pine Bush Athletic Department declined to comment on the situation. The Bushman won the game 54-52. The teams will meet again Wednesday night in the opening round of sectionals.