‘Please listen to us'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:50

    I am writing in support of the lawsuit that the Town Board plans to file against Orange County to block the sewer district expansion. It seems that the county is blinded by the fact that they want their money back. I understand the need to recoup; however, the manner they’re going about it is deeply dismaying. After all, the residents of Blooming Grove, Chester and all of the communities currently being served in OCSD #1 are also county constituents and the people whom they are supposed to be serving. To push through this expansion without open communication with the people who will be most directly affected is outrageous. How do you expand a sewer district to give capacity to as large a development as Mountco when said district still includes towns which aren’t receiving their full capacity? How can the county possibly claim that there will be no environmental impact? How could the county promise something that wasn’t theirs to give? I urge our county leaders to make the people of these communities and our goals for where we live a priority when making decisions about this property. Please listen to us. We can work together to find a mutually beneficial solution. Allison McBee Blooming Grove