‘Orange County needs Scott Vanderhoef in Albany'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:11

    Recently, the unfortunate passing of New York State Sen. Thomas Patrick Morahan, who was dedicated to serving his constituents, has left a void in leadership for those who reside in the Orange County towns of Warwick and Tuxedo. The senator was always true to his principles and steadfastly loyal to ensuring that legislation was passed by the Senate which maintained vital services and protected the quality of life for the residents of Orange County. It is critical that the Senate District be represented by someone with significant leadership experience. During my professional career in Rockland County, I got to know Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef. Scott shares Senator Morahan’s principles and commitment to his constituents. I believe he has the dedication and passion to find solutions to the issues facing our State, including the need for jobs, ethics reform and tax relief. Scott’s career has been built upon finding consensus, building partnerships and achieving results. His campaign is focused on changing State Government with the ultimate goal of controlling spending, stopping unfunded mandates and reducing the tax burden. I know, if elected, Scott will work to enact a property tax cap and reform Medicaid. Orange County needs Scott in Albany. Roger H. Metzger Warwick