North Main Elementary's commitment to fitness

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:36

Monroe - Fitness time is an exciting time at North Main Elementary. Physical Education teachers Joseph Pesce and Sara Fisher prepare the students all year to take the Presidential Fitness Challenge. The students are taught physically and mentally to do their best so they can feel good about their efforts. Here is a summary of their achievements: Students who can run the mile in the 6-minute range become a part of the North Main 6-Minute Mile Club. They are Matt Morales, Luke Donnellan, Andre Paul, Ian Ackerman, Mark Amatteti and Caroline Helbeck. With a time of 6 minutes, 29 seconds, North Main fifth-grader Matthew Morales ran the fastest mile this year, and the seventh fastest time for a mile since records have been kept at the school. With a time of six minutes, 41 seconds, Ian Ackerman ran the fastest mile ever run by a North Main third-grader. Fastest mile by grade level Second: Niall Maloney - 7:39, Gabrielle Mpasiakos - 8:27 Third: Ian Ackerman - 6:41, Victoria Terracino - 7:56 Fourth: Andre Paul - 6:59, Caroline Helbeck - 6:59 Fifth: Mathew Morales - 6:29, Alina Kasparsons - 7:07 Most pull-ups by grade level Second: Anthony Melo - 9, Christian Ditrola, Kerri Weeks - 11 Third: Oswaldo Segura - 11, Emily Campbell, Nicole Beneat, Emily Schacher - 5 Fourth: Mike Hanon - 17, Emma Berntsen, Isabella Voelker - 14 Fifth: Mark Amatteti - 15, Asfana Islam - 10 Most curl-ups by grade level Second: Eric perricelli - 78, Christina Bitzer - 54 Third: Aidan Thomas - 64, Emily Schacher - 55 Fourth: Michael Hannon - 63, Francesca Eisenhut - 69 Fifth: Peter Thomas - 81, Courtney McPheter - 74 Farthest sit and reach by grade level Second: Dan Jeong - 40cm, Alexis Muniz, Jordan Walsh - 39cm Third: Willie Leon, Rowan Daley - 38cm, Vicotoria Lee - 44cm Fourth: Josh Jeong, Caleb Yoo - 38cm, Isabella Voelker - 47cm Fifth: Sam McNally, Jake Sawaska - 39cm, Jahdieli Valdes, Samantha Garcia - 47cm Fastest shuttle run by grade level Second: Eric Perricelli, Christian D’Troia -10.8s, Brenna Sullivan - 11.1s Third: Chris Proscia - 9.9s, Emily Campbell - 10.6s Fourth: Andre Paul - 9.4s, Christina Palonza, Janai McKenzie, Simone Reese - 9.8s Fifth: Eric Meislahn - 8.9s, Phoebe Balovsek - 9.3s 2010 Four-year Presidential Medal Award Winners: Julia Leggett, Tom Fini, Gabrielle Varley, Emily Campbellz, Sam McNally, Mark Amatteti and Camryn Pokorny The following photographs are the North Main students who met and went beyond the Fitness Challenge standards.