‘Neil DiCarlo is a strong defender of the constitution'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:43

    Election season is fast-approaching. New York State’s Republican primary election will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 14. I am greatly concerned about the direction this president and Congress are taking our country. The outrageous and, sometimes, unlawful behavior of our elected officials, reckless government spending, a weakened national defense and the erosion of our liberties will all contribute to a dismal future for our children and future generations. Change must start at the local and state level. And to that point, I am honored to provide my support to the 19th congressional district “grassroots” candidate, Neil DiCarlo, who is a strong defender of the constitution, the sanctity of life and our national security. He believes we must restore honor and trust in our elected servants. Neil lives in Putnam County with his wife and five young children. He is a newcomer to politics—a “regular” guy. He formed a plan to take on the status quo and with a strong support base, achieved a place on the district’s ballot. This past May, when all five-county Republican party chairs decided to endorse Dr. Nan Hayworth, without truly vetting her, Neil stepped up his efforts and rallied many enthusiastic citizens to gather the required 1,600 petition signatures needed for him to enter the primary and challenge Dr. Hayworth. If he wins the primary vote, Neil will enter a fierce six-week campaign against progressive incumbent John Hall. He will need continuing “grassroots” efforts to win the general election on Nov. 2. With everyone’s help, we will begin to take back our country. Please visit Neil on facebook or neildicarlo.com and join us in the fight! Michelle Hieronymi Monroe