Name the park in Roy Montanye Jr.'s memory

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:47

Roy Montanye Jr. was a an exceptional person who dedicated and served his community for 32 years, and 22 of those years as Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Monroe. Roy not only served in that capacity but lived it 24 hours a day, always out when the winds were above normal, rains were heavy and it snowed. Many a night he would be awakened by the state police because of obstruction or an accident on the road. Roy was a man of all seasons, a friend to many and man who did not hesitate to help people in need. That was his nature and I happy to have called him a friend. It was only fitting that Geri DeAngilis stepped forward, completing the garden in the town park at the intersections for High Street, Lakes Road and McElroy Place. She did this in Roy’s honor and it was a fitting tribute to Roy who loved gardens and his flowers. The flowers in this garden were donated by Laura Ann Farms in memory of Roy. The town in the past would appropriate money for the planting of flowers in the park. Roy Montanye and Don Weeks always would see that this money was available for the beautification of Monroe. Since they were no longer in office this job was not done this year. Those plantings used to be done by the Town of Monroe Garden Club, in the past and Geri DeAngilis and Tootie Sutton would do most of these plantings. In my opinion it would be a tribute to Roy’s memory to name this park in his honor for all the years of devotion and service to the town. The park itself does not have a real name. It’s been called Triangle Park and Horseshoe Falls Park at various times. I can only ask that the community move forward and request this of the town board. James A. Nelson Monroe