Monroe Woodbury Rotary Club thanks Uno Chicago Grill

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:59

MONROE - On Nov. 18, the Monroe Woodbury Rotary Club presented Jan Laungberg, the assistant manage and Terita Redd, the marketing coordinator of Uno’s Chicago Grill in Central Valley with a certificate of recognition and appreciation for their participation in the Rotary’s Doughraisers program. Throughout the last several years, Monroe Woodbury Rotary and Uno’s have worked together for the benefit of worthy causes locally and internationally. The Doughraiser program provides a “Tasty Way to Raise Dough” through which Uno’s donates 15 to 20 percent of a diner’s check to an established fund or specific cause on a designated day. The Monroe Woodbury Rotary has supported a number of causes over the past several years in this manner: A new van outfitted with a lift was provided for Allison Murphy, a local wheelchair bound Monroe-Woodbury student to allow her family to safely transport her with her chair. In February 2007 Monroe Woodbury Rotary partnered with Uno’s and a Rotary Club in Puerto Rico to raise money to buy blankets for the Tarahumara people living in the harsh conditions of the Sierra Madre Occidential Mountain range in Mexico. March 17 to 24 of this year the Rotary worked to purchase Shelter Boxes for Haitian Relief following the earthquake. These boxes included a 10-person tent with water purification systems and other survival necessities. Most recently, every Wednesday in September, diners’ checks provided funds for CRAT Cameroon. CRAT - the Centre for Rehabilitation and Abolition of Trauma - is training teachers to provide psycho-social counseling to refugee children in Cameroon who have fled violence in surrounding countries such as the Congo. The plight of these traumatized young people was brought to our attention by the Rotary Club in Cameroon’s capital city.

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