Warwick. Improving the quality of life in autistic adolescents

| 06 Dec 2021 | 12:27

The Albert Wisner Public Library is hosting a program “Improving Quality of Life in Autistic Adolescents” on Sunday, Dec. 12, at 2 p.m.

Adolescence is a time when youths encounter new challenges in personal identity and interpersonal relationships. Autism spectrum disorders impact an individual’s ability to engage with his or her peers and the environment around them.

The additional challenges presented to those with ASD make these transitions even more difficult, leading to increased comorbid mood disorders such as depression.

Recognizing and addressing mental health disorders in autistic adolescents is challenging and research is limited, but understanding the connections between ASD and depression can allow us to minimize depressive symptoms.

Join an interactive discussion centered on developing our understanding of autism spectrum disorders and how the symptoms overlap with those of depressive disorder and other mood disorders.

Alice Frawley

Alice Frawley is a native to Warwick, and has spent the past five years studying to become a certified Physician Assistant. By working with parents and teachers, Frawley hopes to cultivate healthy and valuable relationships between children and their environments.

Frawley completed her Bachelor of Health Science and is currently a Master of Physician Assistant Science candidate at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pa., with an anticipated graduation in May 2022


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