Village of Monroe Retains 23 Marketing Group

Monroe. Mayor aims to step up efforts to attract businesses and tourists to the village.

Monroe /
| 29 Nov 2022 | 01:33

The Village of Monroe is stepping up its efforts to support local businesses and take part in Orange County’s recent tourism boom. Village of Monroe Mayor Neil S. Dwyer announced he has been working with 23 Marketing Group to analyze current efforts and develop a marketing and communications plan.

The Mayor explained that with so many tourist attractions nearby including Woodbury Common, West Point and Legoland NY, “the Village has an opportunity to attract more visitors and, in-turn, increase sales tax revenue. We stepped up our marketing efforts with a new website, a commitment to social media and advertising, and started working with 23 Marketing Group during the summer to help us produce a plan that will ensure a sustained effort going forward.”

23 Marketing Group held a strategic session with Village of Monroe officials, Monroe Chamber of Commerce leadership and a few local business owners to gain insight into their challenges and identify areas where they have experienced success. The agency plans to analyze the Village’s current efforts, analytics and competitors to develop a marketing and communications plan to help grow business in Monroe.

Founded by Tony Morino in 2019, 23 Marketing Group develops and implement all levels of marketing and communications plans. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Morino has worked with various organizations in the region including Fidanza Family Properties, Orange Packaging, SUNY Orange, East Coast Industrial Services, Mid Hudson Construction Management, and DuBois Law Group.

The Village of Monroe consists of a population of nearly 9,000 with 130 acres of public parkland and 27.3 miles of streets. Among those streets are restaurants, delis, cafés and various types of retail stores that offer a wide variety of products and professional services. To learn more, visit or call 845-782-8341.