Tuxedo Park. Mayor provides an update on the installation of the booth at the park’s front gate

| 04 Jul 2021 | 03:21

Village of Tuxedo Park Mayor David McFadden issued the following installation update just prior to the Fourth of July weekend:

“Today brings us one step closer to a new beginning at our front gate with the installation of the booth. We have work to do to finish the construction and go operational, but it won’t be long before we enjoy the benefits of the new level of security the booth brings to our community.

“We owe a big thank you to the installation team of John Ledwith, the Village DPW, the Chief and Police Department, the Town Police for traffic control on Route 17, Bill Fairclough, S&B Home Remodeling, Wickes Arborists for the crane services, and resident Jill Swirbul for her professional photography/video services.

“Thank you to everyone that has made this project possible through their private financial and in-kind donations.”

The new booth will have bulletproof walls and a sliding transaction window with bulletproof glass. It will be attached to the existing booth. The granite columns will be installed after the booth is in place.