Tuxedo Park. ‘Like a fine wine, things improve with time...’

| 10 Oct 2021 | 03:40

Tuxedo Park Mayor David C. McFadden shared the following note this weekend from retired Chief of Police Bill Bortnowsky:


This is a picture of the original police booth in 1976 when I started employment with the Village of Tuxedo Park Police Department.

Manually operated traffic signal with red and green light.

Single-pane glass

Electric portable floor heater

Wood panel walls with no insulation

Unheated floor

All wood construction

Speaker/microphone sound system that did not work

No traffic arm

Not bullet-resistant

And how about this backstory:

I added these notes to compare to your new “State of The Art” design currently in place.

The displayed structure was destroyed when backed into by one of our Village DPW trucks during snowplowing operations.

Traffic Guard Charles Gullage had to be extracted from the simple wood structure and taken to the emergency room.

The image may be blurry because I scanned it from an old Polaroid picture from my file.


McFadden replied: “Like a fine wine, things improve with time.... Thank you for your years of service to Tuxedo Park, Chief.”