Monroe-Woodbury becomes champ in Orange County Mock Trial Tournament

Goshen. Goshen High School, Washingtonville, James I. O’Neill High School, and Monroe-Woodbury High School made the semifinals. Monroe-Woodbury then triumphed over O’Neill in the final round, which, said Monroe-Woodbury advisor Anthony Verboys, gave them their first mock trial county championship.

| 07 Apr 2022 | 02:22

Since the New York State Bar Association released the 2022 Mock Trial Case in December, high school teams across New York State have been studying the case tirelessly to prepare for the virtual trial.

Working with their coaches, students learned the legal facts of the fictional criminal case “People of the State of New York v. Shawn Miller.” In the case, Shawn Miller ran investment firm S&S Derivatives with his childhood best friend, Sidney Taylor. They became very successful and produced unusually high returns for their clients. Months later, investigator Sheridan Holmes concluded that S&S Derivatives committed illegal activity to earn those high returns. Shawn Miller was convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

The competition

Local high schoolers argued both sides of the case virtually before judges of the Orange County Court.

The Orange County Mock Trial Tournament kicked off on Saturday, March 19, with each team faced two competing teams to earn a rank for the elimination rounds. After the first week, teams ranked as follows:

1. Goshen High School

2. Washingtonville High School

3. Monroe-Woodbury High School

4. James I. O’Neill High School

5. Port Jervis High School

6. Minisink Valley High School

7. Warwick Valley High School

8. Middletown High School

The first round of eliminations occurred on Saturday, March 26. After the first round of teams were eliminated, Goshen competed against James. I O’Neil, and Monroe-Woodbury faced Washingtonville in the semifinals. The prevailing teams were Monroe-Woodbury High School and James I. O’Neill High School.

Monroe-Woodbury defeated O’Neill during the final Orange County Mock Trial competition on Tuesday, March 29.

According to Monroe-Woodbury mock trial club advisor Anthony Verboys, this was the school’s first time winning the county championship.