Monroe. Town GOP Committee announces its slate of candidates

Pictured from left to right are Monroe Town Republican candidates Sal Scancarello, James “Pat” Patterson, Steve Thau, James McKnight, and center, Valerie Bitzer. Photo provided by Laura Fernandez/Town of Monroe Republican Committee.

| 22 Feb 2023 | 09:51

The Town of Monroe Republican Committee has announced its slate of candidates for this November’s town election:

Incumbent Sal Scancarello for Town Councilman.

Steve Thau for Town Councilman.

Incumbent Valerie Bitzer for Town Clerk.

Incumbent James “Pat” Patterson for Superintendent of Highways.

Incumbent James McKnight for Town Justice.

“The Town of Monroe Republican Committee is honored and proud to present this dedicated and talented team of candidates for the betterment of Monroe and all its residents,” Committee Chairman Peter Tuohy said in announcing the candidates.