Election results

Tuxedo /
| 07 Nov 2019 | 11:38

The following are the unofficial results from Tuesday's election in the towns of Monroe, Palm Tree, Tuxedo and Woodbury and the Village of Woodbury. All results are unofficial until certified by the Orange County Board of Elections:

Town of Monroe

21 of 21 Districts reporting

Town Clerk

Mary Ellen F. Beams (R-C-I) 2,105

Town Justice

James McKnight (R-C-I) 1,977

Town Council (vote for two)

Vincent A. LaFalle (D) 718

Lorraine M. Loening (D) 825

Michael M. McGinn (R-C-I) 1,801

Sal Scancarello (R-C-I) 1,732

Superintendent of Highways

John A. Scherne (R-C-I) 2,082

Proposition Number One:

Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Monroe for the operating budget of Monroe Free Library be increased by $45,000 to the sum of $1,399,325 annually?

Yes: 1,397

No: 1,188

Town of Palm Tree

19 of 19 Districts reporting

Town Superviror

Abraham Weider (D-R-I) 3,107

Town Clerk

Gedalye Szegedin (D-R-I) 3,148

Town Justice – two seats; no candidates on the ballot

1,454 write-in votes

Town Council (vote for two)

Joshua Blumenthal (D-R-C-I) 3,129

Morris Steinberg (D-R-I) 3,130

Superintendent of Highways

Zalman Stern (D-R-I) 3,137

Proposition Number One

Shall the local government of Kiryas Joel operate principally as a village or principally as a town?

Village: 2,487

Town: 93

Town of Tuxedo

Four of four Districts reporting


Kenneth English (D-I) 591

Michael D. Rost (R) 342

Town Clerk

Donna L Matthews (R) 629

Town Board (vote for two)

Michele K. Lindsay (D-I) 538

Maria May (D-I) 492

Christopher A. Dollbaum (R) 420

John P. McNamera (R) 366

Superintendent of Highways

Robert Dollbaum (R) 581

Proposition Number One

Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Tuxedo for the operating budget of the Tuxedo Park Library be increased by $16,300 to the sum of $566,164 annually?

Yes: 553

No: 319

Town of Woodbury

Ten of ten Districts reporting


Frank J. Palermo (D-I) 1,259

David Sutz (R-Save Woodbury) 1,089

Town Council (vote for two)

Tyler A. Etzel Jr. (D-I) 1,097

Thomas J. Burke (D-I) 1,259

Susan Feies-Ciriello (R-Save Woodbury) 1,086

Patrick M. Rafferty (R-Save Woodbury) 1,069

Village of Woodbury

Nine of nine Districts reporting


James M. Freiband (D) 1,085

Timothy P. Egan (R-Save Woodbury) 1,200

Village Trustee (vote for two)

Sara R. Sethna (D) 1,072

Edward H. Hebel (D) 1,043

Christopher J. Graziano (R-Save Woodbury) 1,168

Tara Burek (R-Forward-Save Woodbury) 1,127